Wordlessness in the garden

Posted: 24th Oct 2018

  Gardening is mainly experienced without words.  Perhaps a grunt when heaving a load, or a cry of delight at the sight of a bird is as is much as a stint outdoors creates.  A newly-arrived Eyptian gardener stopped in his tracks to take in a pepper plant, fruit and all.  He smiled, lingered, and Read more…

Managing strong difficult feelings

Posted: 27th Jul 2017

Nature often inspires strong helpful feelings. Sometimes too, we can do well to turn to gardening and nature when experiencing strong difficult feelings. Overwhelming emotions indoors can often swamp us and leave us unable to process thought and feelings, solve problems, feel light in spirit, or know what to ‘do’ with ourselves physically. Then, a Read more…

Metaphor and the garden

Posted: 16th Dec 2014

Gardening offers a rich seam of linguistic colour through its long history in rural life and sayings. Agricultural metaphors date back hundreds of years, and still continue in common parlance today. They provide a crucial crutch in gardening therapy as people make sense of illness, disability or difficulties. It may be an old gardening lore Read more…